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Product Description

-ULTRA RARE vintage sunglasses Ray Ban SHOOTER Ambermatic B&L
-The original vintage model made in U.S.A. from '70s!!! 
-Legendary Aviator design with Slim shapes and minimal details
-Really elegant TOTAL BLACK version with Glossy finish
-Stylish Matt Black cover on Top bar and temple tips
-ULTRA RARE Ambermatic lenses 62mm marked B&L
-RARE and comfortable Cablè temples for a perfect fit
-Original AmberMatic case in Brown version with logo
-Complete with original Ray-Ban warranty!!!
-New Old Stock, never worn
-1 in stock

On overcast days, Ray-Ban Ambermatic tm Sun glasses are lightly tinted and amber colored to cut through haze and sharpen vision. On sunny warm days they turn to sunglass brown to block glare. On sunny, cold days they change to dark gray for superior protection from direct and reflected glare. On cloudy, marginally bright days they are lighter brown, just right for the light. Ray Ban Ambermatic Sunglasses are made of a unique light sensing glass that self-adjusts color and density for varying light and weather conditions. Color change, from haze-cutting amber overcast skies to glare-blocking brown under warm, sunny conditions or dark gray under cold, sunny conditions. Linght transmission ranges from a light 65% to a dark 20%. As with all Ray Ban Sun Glasses the lenses are made of pure optical glass and are ground polished to precision-optics standards. The frames are of the same quality as those used for fine Bausch Lomb prescription eyewear. NOTE: Allow at least five exposures to bright sun to achieve maximum efficency in the darkening process.

For perfectionists: due to age and long storage, there is a small and imperceptible dot on Right lens.

Additional Information

Year: 1978
Style: Aviator, Unisex
Written on frame: B&L RAY BAN U.S.A.
Frame color: Black
Lens color: Ambermatic
Lens width: 62 mm-2.44 inches
Overall width: 140 mm-5.51 inches
Overall height: 57 mm-2.24 inches
Temple length: Cablè