Cartier Paris

Cartier Paris

CARTIER' s first creation in the world of optics dates from 1887: a prestigious lorgnette made in blond shell decorated with diamonds which was made for Princess of Essiling. Now the CARTIER eyeglasses and sunglasses are the natural continuation of the history of CARTIER and the history of the Optical trade. Like all the other products MUST' s, the CARTIER frames are a perfection of innovation, luxury, and technology. Each component of the CARTIER frame is exclusive. Each frame bears an idividual serial number engraved on temple or on the lower part of the rim bar. CARTIER eyeglasses and sunglasses meet the most stringent manufacturing standartds worthy of the CARTIER tradition and bear the CARTIER hallmark. 

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Cartier Vendome Louis Gold&Purple 56mm front

Cartier Vendome Louis 56mm

US$ 757.32